Height Museum

Goal: Make a paper strip as tall as you are, and put all the strips in order by length

step 1

Predict and cut

talk aboutWhich of us do you think is the tallest? Is the oldest the tallest?


Cut a strip of adding machine tape the height of each person.

measuring kid
step 2


Children decorate their strips.

height museum strips
step 3

Put the strips in order

Children arrange the strips along the wall or floor from shortest to longest.

If needed, show how to line up the strips at the bottom, so that the top of the strip shows height.

step 4

Check predictions

talk about Is the oldest person the tallest? Is the youngest the shortest? What else do you notice?


How much do we grow? (same as main activity.) After doing the activity, ask children to make a prediction: “If we do this in 3 months, will we be in the same order?” Save the strips or measure them and record heights. Then try it again in 3 months.

Heights at home (same as main activity). Send home adding machine tape so children can make strips for each family member.

Half the size (harder). Make strips for some adults. Ask children to investigate: “Is anyone half the size of an adult? How could we find out?"

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  • K-2

Minimum number of participants

  • 4

Suggested grouping

  • individual


  • 20-60 minutes


  • comparing length


  • scissors
  • adding machine tape or paper in long strips
  • art supplies
  • tape


  • none

Books suggestions

  • Big and Little. Jenkins, Steven. (Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 1996).
  • Zachary Zormer: Shape Transformer. Reisberg, Joanne. (Charlesbridge Publishing, 2006).