Research publications

Below are recent articles on Mixing in Math research and practice.

Kliman, M. (in press). Family, Friends, Neighbors, and Math: The Nana y Yo y las Matemáticas Project. Hands On! (Summer, 2015)

Kliman, M., Jaumot-Pascual, N., Martin, V. (2013). Designing for Diversity: Strategies for embedding mathematics in out-of-school programs for children in the elementary grades. Teaching for Equity and Excellence in Mathematics (5).

Kliman, M., Jaumot-Pascual, N., Martin, V. (2013). How Wide Is a Squid Eye? Integrating mathematics into public library programs for the elementary grades. Afterschool Matters (17).

Kliman, M. (2010). Mixing Math into AfterSchool. School Age NOTES: Resources for afterschool professionals. 30 (6).

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