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Mixing in Math (MiM) is our interdisciplinary approach to math for children and those who spend time with them. We create materials to help parents, caregivers, after-school providers, librarians, and teachers mix math into everything they do with children—from playing games to building towers to telling stories to catching up on chores.

MiM materials consist of a large bank of activities, games, and projects for ages 2-12 in English and Spanish. They are based on over 15 years of research and development supported in part by The National Science Foundation. MiM has been piloted all over the US, in settings ranging from homes to museums to preschools. Research demonstrates that children and adults using MiM build math skills and confidence, promote understanding of math in everyday life, and promote positive math attitudes. MiM is designed to be accessible to everyone, including those with little mathematical comfort or confidence.

We’ve put some of our favorite English and Spanish activities, projects, and games together in our books and game sets, available for purchase at low cost. Our elementary grades materials are aligned with the Common Core Standards for Mathematics, Grades K-5; our preschool materials are aligned with the Common Core for K and the NAEYC/NCTM Joint Position Statement on Early Childhood Mathematics. We’re continuing to shape our well-tested materials into products, so check back for more!

Find out more about our products, current and prior projects, and research results.

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